ปั๊มน้ำ MOUVEX

    Your solution for a wide variety of products (Up to 50m3/h).

    Performance :
    Exceptional Self-Priming capabilities
    Legendary ruggedness
    The A Series Pumps maintain their initial performance level over time without any adjustment, thanks the automatic clearance make-up system
    Unchanging characteristics
    Maintain a regular and constant output, independent of the delivery pressure
    Practically unlimited scope of application
    Excellent efficiency

    Options :
    Double by-pass for protection when operating in both directions
    High temperature: HT version for AF and AK models enable high temperature transfer (up to 250° C)
    Heating or cold jacket for transferring products that can solidify at ambient temperature.
    Certified: CEATEX

    Can run dry in ATEX environment.

    The MOUVEX-Blackmer food transport solution (Up to 50 m3/h) 7 bars.

    • Reassuring
    • Monitor your process with the pumping chamber window
    • Adaptable
    • The removable connectors allow you to choose the best
    • configuration using the parts you need (connectors, elbows, etc.)
    • and keep it as compact as possible
    • The attachment brackets may be moved so that the orifices are
    • facing horizontally or vertically
    • Reversible
    • Built-in heater: to be used as required

    OPTION :
    • Heating jacket
    • Removable connectors
    • Shaft seal with 3 Lip seals

    Certified: CE ATEX 3A

    Your solution for highly viscous products (Up to 110 m3/h) 12 bars.

    • P series vane pumps cover a large range of applications, from fluid to very viscous products, whether they are non-lubricating, abrasive or corrosive.
    • Constant high performance
    • Excellent volumetric characteristics
    • Thanks to automatic adjustment, the performance characteristics remain constant throughout time
    • Easy and economical maintenance
    • P series vane pumps can be dismantled in situ without disconnecting the suction and discharge lines.
    • Pump reassembly requires no special positioning
    • Replacement parts are extremely competitive
    • The pump is capable of running in forward or reverse

    • Pump body: Cast iron, Steel or Stainless Steel
    • Mouvex seals, single or double-standard mechanical seals or packed gland
    • Vanes is equipped with polymer or metal vanes, either free or with push rods
    • By-pass single or double
    • Heating or cooling shells
    • Electric heating

    Certified: CE ATEX

    ABAQUE Peristaltic Hose Pumps is the solution for abrasive products containing suspended particles.(Up to 77 m3/h) 16 bars pressure (232 psi).

    • Seal-free design eliminate leaks and contamination
    • Excellent Self-priming 25,5ft (9 meters)
    • Ability to run dry continuously
    • Can handle your toughest pumping needs from abrasive and
    • aggressive fluids to sheer sensitive and viscous materials
    • The pump is capable of running in forward or reverse
    • Its solid construction and advanced design also reduce maintenance
    • and repairs

    • Hose: Natural rubber, Buna (NBR), EPDM, NR FDA
    • Choose close – coupled or bare shaft models
    • Leak detector
    • Vacuum Kit
    • Non metallic insert (PPH, PVDF)

    Certified: CE ATEX

    Oil-free screw compressors: Your solution for delivery of air absolutely free from any trace of oil or particles to 1550 m3/hr (2,5 bars - 36 PSI).

    • The specialist compressor for all dry bulk material
    • The solution for a conform mounting on European trucks
    • Easy maintenance
    • No contact between the screws (no wear)
    • System designed to fit trucks with a wheelbase length from 3.50m
    • Versatile systems for clock or counterclockwise drive

    • 13R 15L Multiplier
    • 19R 22L Multiplier
    • Silencer
    • Cooler
    • Filter
    • Check relief valve
    • Torque limiter
    • Hydraulic motor drive adapter
    • Cast iron flange for diesel engine( Deutz , Perkins, Yanmar..)
    • Hydraulic drive cooler

    Certified : CE

    The Hydrive is used on Hydraulic drive for pumps and Compressors. It integrate 3 functions:
    • Oil tank
    • Oil cooler
    • Security relief valve Up to 190liter/mn and 270 bars

    • Lower in weight and volume than a standard tank
    • Compact size allows for easy installation on tractors and trucks
    • The compact design with a low noise level centrifugal fan provides •
    • maximum performance and heat dissipation up to 13.5 HP
    • Robustness
    • Corrosion protection (stainless steel)
    • No additional electric wiring
    • Security adjustable relief valve
    • Easy to read restriction gauge (mounted on the front)

    • NPT or BSP Flanges
    • Control valve (on 2010 model)
    • Complete hydraulic system package
    • Hydraulic motor adapter for Mouvex-Blackmer pumps

    MOUVEX metering solution Up to 204m3/h.

    • Reliability: The vane technology widely used in our range of pumps
    • and compressors is fully controlled
    • Precision: Vanes in touch with the body guarantee a matchless
    • and long-lasting precision
    • Very adaptable: The large selection of accessories available
    • allows us to offer you the most suitable combination for your needs
    • Stationary or mobile applications.
    • Easy fitting: The body is only held by the pipes

    • Printer
    • Pulse transmitter
    • Display unit
    • Tray
    • Connecting rod
    • Air separator
    • Preset
    • Strainer
    • Gasket
    • Preset valve/check valve

    Certified : CE ATEX

    Mouvex Enterprise Series Vane Compressors are proven workhorses for oil-free high-pressure discharge of fluids that can cause problems for cargo pumps.
    Constructed from corrosion-resistant, hard-coated cast iron to withstand harsh environments and operating conditions, these compressors have been engineered to address containment concerns, purity standards and the evacuation of residual product.

    - Tough liquid Transport partner
    - Compact size
    - Constructed of corrosion-resistant, hard-coated cast iron to withstand harsh environmental and operating conditions
    - They address containment concerns purity standards and evacuation of residual product
    - Easy disassembly and reassembly
    - The unique blade inspection port offers easy inspection without removing the compressor from service (European Patent 0.083.481)
    - Innovative naming system to help identify the compressor flow rate:
    - E106 > E140 (140 m3h - 82 CMF)
    - E156 > E170 (170 m3h - 100 CMF)
    - Orange color and Mouvex label for easy identification
    - Stainless steel discharge flange (used on the compressor and check relief valve)

    - Upgraded suction hose that integrates new ends (2 meters long) offering numerous advantages:
    - Ultra resistant material; very difficult to perforate
    - Adjustable to multiple configurations
    - Ends screwed and secured by a heat shrinkable sleeve preventing waterproof deft
    - Easy disassembly and assembly
    - Inlet air filter kit
    - Discharge pressure check/relief valve
    - PTO drive flange
    - Hydraulic motor drive adapter
    - Hydraulic drive cooler

    Certified : CE
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